Something That Pissed Me Off!

By: William G. Muir

Just something I posted on my Facebook page. 

So there this letter making its way around Facebook the past few days. I am not going to link to it because I have no desire to have something that hateful anywhere near my account. The fact that I sat through and read the whole thing is enough to just piss me the fuck off.

Now I generally shy away from commenting on the kind of things that trend here on Fscebook for one reason, a majority of them tend to scams. I like to see what has to say on subject before I even waste my time on it. Unfortunately thinks this letter may be genuine, if that is the case this is a sad case.

Actually it is more than a sad case, it is a fucked…no it way beyond fucked up.

How can anybody be that damn heartless? The individual who not only wrote, but then had nerve to send that letter is beyond cruel. I don’t even know if there is such a word to describe this whole situation. At least there is no word that I will accept for how dehumanizing this letter was.

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Celebrity Culture

By: William G. Muir

I have decided that Tuesday will be dedicate to me finding something in the tabloids and ripping into it. It is my opinion that we are way to obsessed with celebrities in today’s society, and we have been for far to long. And I feel what pushes that celebrity culture down our throats the most are the tabloids. No one asked me if I wanted to know just what color tiling some wannabe actress/reality television star has in their dog’s bathroom in their second dog house. (Is that a thing? I am sure some celebrity’s dog out there has a second dog house that TMZ is doing a piece on the tiling. If not they soon will be,)  I mean it TMZ and reality shows like The Real House Wives Name A City That Use To Have Dignity Until We Exposed Its Most Useless Citizens To The Nation are doing real harm to this country.

Before I go any further, I feel that I must confess that I will be writing articles for a soon to be launched online entertainment magazine that covers the city of Louisville. But I don’t feel like I am being a hypocrite going after tabloids. Our goal at this magazine is to focus on the talent that is in the city of Louisville and make the city a place that is known of high quality when it comes to the events it puts on. We are in no way promoting the talent in the city as being anything other than they are. We are not trying to deify anyone here. Continue reading

3 Wishes

Day 6: If you only had 3 wishes, what would they be (no wishing for more wishes)

1. That all political boundaries were no more and that everyone lived as one people. 

2. Everybody in the world had access to free world class health care. 

3. That instead of today being the 1 year anniversary of my father’s passing, that he was still alive.  


My (Fake) Obituary

ripBy: William G. Muir

The notorious blogger, turned writer, turn producer and once Emperor of the Cyberverse, Will’s Eye View was found gunned down outside his Colombian Banana Plantation. Born before the Cyber Revolution that saw the abandoning of flesh bodies once the singularity was achieved, it was thought that Will’s Eye View was somewhere around 3,472 years old at the time of his passing. Birth records dating back to the time before the revolution are thought to have been wiped from digiservers in the Great Purge that took place in the year 2,245 C.E. While large portion of the archives were saved when courageous Data Processing Clerks risked their lives protecting the Data Stream against the Repocators, to much damage was already done. Efforts are being undertaken to recover data from the chard remains of the digiservers that were damaged in the Great Purge, but there is little hope of any success.


Before his upload, Will’s Eye View had build himself a sizable fortune in the entertainment business. He was a pioneer in holographic book market, nearly holding a monopoly on all the patents in the industry. His cutthroat business dealings led to him making quite a few enemies in the days of the flesh world. Lucky for him the singularity was achieved three decades before the earliest estimated completion dates. Once inside the Cyberverse, Will’s Eye View used the same killer business instincts to gain him power within the digiservers. In the early days of anarchy he was able to construct a power base that he used to gain control of A.I., which he used to declare himself Emperor of the Cyberverse.


After 3,259 years confined to the digiservers Will’s Eye View set out once again to be a pioneer. This time he had his engineers create a synthetic material that could be shaded into a flesh body that the cyberzens could then use to once again walk in the flesh world. Once the faux flesh was achieved Will’s Eye View abdicated his cyberthrone so that he could semi-retire to the flesh world.


Will’s Eye View is survived by no relatives, as he had his family members hunted down and deleted from the Data Stream once he had consolidated his power.

The Antihero in Wrestling.

By William G. Muir

The other day I was clicking around Youtube, as I do several times during the day, when I come across several shoot interviews of form WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase (The Million Dollar Man). DiBiase wrestled in the WWF, as it was known at the time, from 1987-1996. (He also had a brief run in the company in 1979.) His gimmick was what his name implied it was, he was a wrestle who was worth a million dollars. Naturally that kind of character in any age would be a heel. Would you cheer for a guy who looked down on you because he had more money than you, thought he could buy and sell anybody, and would shove a one hundred dollar bill into your mouth when you where passed out?

He wasn’t a very nice individual, or at least his character wasn’t.

When DiBiase returned for his second run in the WWF I was in middle school at the time. Back then I always rooted for the babyface characters and despised the heels. Or as my friends and I thought of them, the good guys and the bad guys. We all cheered on the Hulk Hogans, Ultimate Warriors, and Macho Mans. Guys like DiBiase and Mr. Perfect we hated. Of course this was back in the days before the internet, weall assumed that wrestlers were just like their characters outside the ring.

The Million Dollar man was one of the wrestlers I hated the most back then.

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31 Day Challenge: Day 13

By: William G. Muir

Time to get into the WABAC machine (for those of you to young, that is refernce to Peabody’s Improbable History,
from the old Rocky And Bulwinkle Show) and see what my first memory is.

Although this might be kind of tricky, I am nearing 40, and the old memory is not what it use to be. What is likely to be the oldest memory I have today, might not be what my oldest memory was say just a few years ago. Not to mention that our memories are not etched into stone. You can’t just call up a memory from your brain like you would a file saved on your computer. Barring some sort of corruption, that file will be the same each time you call it up. But our memories are not static, they are instead plastic. They are capable of being changed.

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31 Day Challenge: Day 8

By William G. Muir

I said before that I thought this challenge wasn’t designed for a person like me. And by that I mean someone who is nearly 40 and is of the male persuasion. Today’s challenge is proof of that, what’s in your handbag? Now I’m not saying that a man can’t carry a handbag, matter of fact their are those that do. They usually turn out to be European. But as a rule a true blue American man doesn’t carry such a thing. Not that I have ever thought of myself as a true blue American man. I prefer to breath through my nose, my knuckle don’t bleed from scrapping the ground when I walk and I don’t have a heavy brow ridge.

If the image that I painted wasn’t clear enough, I was describing a Neanderthal there.

So I could do one of two things here. 1) I could just totally ignore the the topic and write about something totally different. (BORING!!!) 2) I could pretend to have a handbag and write about what I might keep in this imaginary handbag. And seeing how I have already acknowledged the first choice to be boring I guess I will be going with option number two. It’s not like I haven’t had experience carrying a bag around. Back in school I use to have a backpack that I lugged my books back and forth to school everyday. When I got to high school I ditched the backpack for the laundry bag that came in my sports pack when I was on the football team.

I guess if I am going to be searching through this chimerical handbag I should know what it looks like. Am I the type to carry around a big bag, one big enough to hold the kitchen sink if I should ever be in need of one.? Or do I carry one of those little handbag that only carry the essentials? You know cash, bank card, credit cards, keys, check book, a condom because he is a big jerk off asshole who never remembers to bring one, and a tampon for when I get a visit from my friend. 

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