10 Things That I Like

By: William G. Muir

Day 2: List 10 of your favorite things, doesn’t have to be your most favorite, just ten things you like

1. My 1976 Ford Mustang

I have been a fan of the Ford Mustang ever since 6th grade and my buddy Chad’s old brother Paul had a 1965 convertible Mustang. Ever since then I wanted to own a Mustang of my own. In 1994 I got my chance to own this piece of American Automotive history when I purchased my 1976 Ford Mustang. It was the first car that I ever purchased. My mother gave me the money for this car after my father had an accident in my 1970 Ford LTD. (Yes I am a Ford man.) With $650.00 from the money that my father’s coworkers had collected, I headed down to St. Matthew’s with my grandfather to check the car out. I took my grandfather along with me for two reason 1) I was only 18 at the time and had no idea where in Louisville St. Matthew’s was and 2) my grandfather use to be a mechanic and I wanted him to check out the car for me. After he test drove it and decided the car was in good shape I had my Mustang.

Sure it wasn’t the beast that those Mustang generation before it or even after it would be. It was built during the fuel shortages of the late 1970s and it was designed to take advantage of that situation. It may only had a 4 cylinder engine that was underpowered for it’s steel frame. It developed an oil leak in the oil pan when I cracked it by driving up on one of those parking barrier. And after a year it developed a hole in the heater coil.  But it was a Mustang and it could turn the heads of the ladies.

I would love to own another Mustang from this generation, except with a 302 cid V8 engine, after I have my 1965 convertible Mustang. Mine looked very much like the picture down below, with the exception that it was white, the vinyl top was blue and the interior was an aqua blue color.

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