Something That Pissed Me Off!

By: William G. Muir

Just something I posted on my Facebook page. 

So there this letter making its way around Facebook the past few days. I am not going to link to it because I have no desire to have something that hateful anywhere near my account. The fact that I sat through and read the whole thing is enough to just piss me the fuck off.

Now I generally shy away from commenting on the kind of things that trend here on Fscebook for one reason, a majority of them tend to scams. I like to see what has to say on subject before I even waste my time on it. Unfortunately thinks this letter may be genuine, if that is the case this is a sad case.

Actually it is more than a sad case, it is a fucked…no it way beyond fucked up.

How can anybody be that damn heartless? The individual who not only wrote, but then had nerve to send that letter is beyond cruel. I don’t even know if there is such a word to describe this whole situation. At least there is no word that I will accept for how dehumanizing this letter was.

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A Father’s War


By: William G. Muir

The Reaper did arrive,

Dressed in the uniform of a military officer,

Disbelief grips the father’s mind.

This can not be so,

He just read the word his son sent home,

Minutes before his son was alive,

Right there with him, in his living room.

No way could his boy be dead!

He was going to be his legacy.

A son does not die before his father does.

A father refuses to believe.

How could his son be dead?

How could the country he loved,

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