The Death of Our Love Affair With the Road.

In the near future the self-driving car will be the only thing you will be able to find on the showroom of new car dealership. For myself and all those car enthusiast this will kill the very reason we fell in love the automobile in the first place, the joy of driving. You have never truly known what it feels like to drive until you have sitten behind the wheel of a Chevy big block, pressed down on the accelerator and felt the power involved in propelling nearly two tons of metal from a resting resting position. The raw emotion that comes with the understanding that you are the one in control of this metal behemoth as you go roaring down the highway at 70 mph cannot be matched by being chauffeured by a computer that is programmed to find the safest route possible.

For those of us that love and appropriate classic automobiles the cars that were built before the gasoline shortage of the late 70s represent a sense of freedom. It was a time when the average Joe with a socket set and repair manual could spend a Saturday afternoon underneath the hood of his/her car and fix the problem themselves. An open car hood was an invitation for ones neighbors to drop by and offer their two cents on what the problem most likely was. A grease spot on a driveway use to mean that the owner of this car changed their own oil, today it means the car needs to go the shop because it has leak. Continue reading