Will’s Eye REView: The Louisville Crashers

By: William G. Muir

Time to try something I have never done before, a music review. Ok I did do that review of Timothy by The Buoy, but that was just me being silly. This is going to be my first serious music review; I’m taking a look at the debut album by The Louisville  Crashers. The Louisville Crashers.

I have to say this is a fun record. As soon as you put this into your CD player and press play this album is going to infect your soul. Throughout the whole album I kept tapping my toes to the beat. The music got inside of me, the rhythm made me want to get up dance. This is a album you are going to want to sign along with, on every song.

Trust me you are going to find yourself singing these songs as you are out and about doing your everyday routine. And your not going to care, you’re just going to sign even louder. This is a fun CD. It’s up beat, up tempo and very optimistic in regards to the everyday world we live in and the circumstances we find ourselves in.

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WillseyeREview: Solstice Magic

By William G. Muir

Before I start this review there is something I must confess. I am in no way a country boy, nor am I fascinated with the South. I know, being from a small town in southern Indiana that might come as a shock. I just have two things to say, first to all my fellow citizen of southern Indiana you are not part of the South, so stop acting like you are. The second thing I would like to say is that I am a city boy at heart.

I have been on a few farms in my time, and some of them were lovely place. It just wasn’t for me though. There is nothing there that holds my interest. Instead of opening up a window and hearing the sounds of barn yard animal and farm equipment, I need to hear the sound of traffic going by, people yelling at each other from half a block away, and the ever present sirens or car alarms going off.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the small town I live in. It is close enough to the Louisville Metro area that I can get all those things, but still be able to get away from them at the end of the day.

I bring this up because the book I am about to review is about the rodeo. You really can’t get any more southern than the rodeo. Well maybe if you are line dancing in a yard with at least one car up on cinder blocks. Having said all of this, I have to admit that I really enjoyed Solstice Magic by Jean Stringam. But that is probably because the book is set in Canada.

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Casting An Eye At The Pods: Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4

By: William G. Muir

I am an Anglophile! For those who do not know what a Anglophile, it simply means I am a great admire of England and all things English. Why I am telling you the reader all of this? Well because it is related to today’s podcast review. We are going to be looking at the Friday Night Comedy From BBC Radio Four.

Like other podcast that I have review in the past, this podcast is actually a rebroadcasting of a radio show. To be honest The Friday Night Comedy… is not like the podcast of radio shows I have reviewed in the past. This podcast is a rotation of more than one BBC Radio 4 shows.

The podcast mainly features in it rotation The News Quiz and The Now Show. Both of which take a satirical look at the news throughout Great Britain as well at major international stories. There are times that The Friday Night Comedy… will feature other shows as well. During the month of August the podcast covers the events at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. Every so often they will also test out new show on Friday nights.

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By: William G. Muir

If you are a progressive rock in 1971 and the record label you are signed to has no interest in promoting your work what do you do? You could strive to write the greatest rock and roll song ever. But seeing how your label is paying you no attention whatsoever you probably are not the kind of band that writes top 40 songs. In all honesty you probably aren’t writing songs that break into the Top 100 on the charts.

Since writing the greatest song to ever hit the airwaves is out you need a different strategy. If you can’t be famous, then why not try to be infamous? That is exactly what The Buoys did! In 1971 they set out to record a song that would hopefully get banned on every rock station in the United States. As we have all heard, there is no such thing as bad publicity!

Having a contract for just one single with Scepter Records, Rupert Holmes decided he would deliberately write a song that was too taboo for the radio stations of the 1970s. What he came up with was Timothy.  What is the big deal about a song called Timothy you might ask? Isn’t that the song about kid who is really good at playing pinball?


No it is not! That is Pinball Wizard by The Who.

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Casting An Eye At The Pods: MonsterTalk

By: William G. Muir

I love science!

There I said it.

The first bit of scientific inquiry I ever did was in the 4th grade. It was a real simple exercise, just measuring objects in the school play ground. To some it might seem trivial, but it opened up my 4th grade mind to a whole new way of looking at the world.

It ignited a passion in me that burns till this day. So much so that I got a degree in computer electronics. Although I probably been better served if I had gotten a degree in either biology or anthropology.

Because I am such a big fan I will seek out those things that have to do with science. In my spare time I am just as happy reading popular science books like A Demon Haunted World (Carl Sagan) and The Greatest Show On Earth (Richard Dawkins), as I would be playing World Of Warcraft. I also enjoy watching shows like Cosmos and documentaries like the Walking With BBC series.

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Casting An Eye At The Pods: The Tony Kornheiser Show 


By: William G. Muir

Q: What is old, orange, and bald?

A: The subject of this post, Tony Kornheiser.

The podcast I am going to talk about today is not really a podcast. Well it is and it isn’t. It is a podcast in the sense that you can download the show as a podcast. It is not a podcast because it is a radio show  that actually goes out over the actual airwaves and is subject to F.F.C rules and regulations. But as far as I am concerned I get the show from the podcast section of the Itunes store. Therefore it counts as a podcast for out purposes.

So what is this week’s podcast that we will be taking a look at? 

Well that is a very good question, I am glad I asked. 

Why thank you very much. 

You are welcomed….

Now cut that out. Today’s podcast is The Tony Kornheiser Show. 

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Doctor Who A Show Review: Cold War

By: William G. Muir

It is as if I am outside myself. I can feel the icy air slam against my body, but when I look down I see I have no corporeal form. It is as if I am only a thought, a manifestation of pure energy. I wish I did have a body so I could use my hands to pull the lapel of coat closed. I do not wish to freeze to death.

I am soaring high in the sky, gray clouds spread out above me as far as my eyes can see. No sunshine to warm my nonexistent body, no blue sky to lift my soul. Below me a field blue, no an ocean of blue rushes beneath me. I fly among the white mountains of ices. Are these icebergs responsible for the chill I feel.

Suddenly the I am falling from the sky as the surface of the oceans speeds towards what would have been my face. I slam into the freezing liquid, as I crash through the membrane that separates horizon of the ocean blue from the hazy, forever winter, cloud full skies.

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