Quick Thought: He-Man and Lasers

I heard someone talking about swords earlier and it lead to the following thoughts. It seems like most people I know who like sword, own at least one sword, or are planning on buying a sword someday all like the Japanese Katana. It is also a popular sword in movie. I on the other hand prefer the bulkier European style swords like the longsword, two-handed longsword and the great sword that came from Germanic and Norse tribes. There is a slight disadvantage wielding these behemoths, you can’t use a shield to defend yourself from the sword your enemy is attacking you with. Your only defense is to parry your attackers blows. For some reason at this point I got thinking about He-Man and how he deflected lasers with his sword. As a kid I bought into it, but now as an adult I question it. The best MLB hitters only hit the ball 30 some odd percent of the time. That means every time a baseball player walks up to the plate they are most likely to strikeout. He-Man on the other hand never misses a single laser. This doesn’t make any sense, if anything He-Man should miss every time. The average speed of a major league pitch is just over 90 mph. A laser, which is just a beam of light, travels at the speed of light (299,792,458 metres per second). He-Man should not even be able to see a laser coming at him.


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