Robot Me!

future4The other day a friend of mine suggested to me that I start to blog about technology because I know about such things. The reason she says this is because she knows that I have a degree in Computer Electronics. What I failed to inform her about is I only have an Associate degree in that field and that since I earned that degree back in 2007 I have yet to work in the field. I didn’t bring it up because neither one of those facts would disqualify me from writing, as a layman, on such issues. After all there are plenty of enough people who write about things they are not qualified to write about. Besides she is a pretty smart cookie and I should probably follow her suggestion, what could it hurt? 

This is going to be my first post in this venture and is just going to be about something that is on my mind. I have an article that I plan on responding to, but I want to lay some ground work before I do that. I’m not a gadget head, you know the kind of person who has a laptop or two, a desktop computer with several screens, at least one cellphone, mp3 player(s), digital camera (even though they have the same capabilities on their phones) Blu-Ray player, satellite radio in their car, a big screen HD television, at least two video game consoles and whatever else bit of tech they can get their hands on. Currently the only piece of technology that I own is my Acer laptop. This isn’t because I have recently seen the light and become a disciple of the late “Unibomber” Ted Kaczynski (though I do have a pretty sweet madman’s beard). The reason I only have the laptop is because I am broke and cannot afford much more. 

Because of my current financial situation I am not going to be talking about current technology. What I am going to be talking about is something that might be off in our future. It probably will not be in my life time, unless there is some major break through in the next several years or by dumb luck somebody simply stumbles upon the answers. I’m talking about the singularity, or that is part of what I want to talk about. What I want to focus on is the road up the singularity and how we might get there. For those who do not know what the singularity is, it is the moment when our ability to store information, say on a hard drive, becomes so great that we have enough capacity to download human consciousness into that storage device. It is also a point in time that we have worked out the ability to download a human consciousness onto a hard drive.

Right here and right now I have to say I am all for this. At nearly forty years of age my body is not what it use to be. To be honest for the last twenty-two years I have wished that I could turn in my current body for a new one. At the end of my junior year in high school I suffered an injury to my left hip. Being that I come from a working class background, and I myself have continued on in the working class condition, I could never afford to have the injury taken care of properly. Over the years it has severely effected my locomotion and has led to me putting on much more weight than I would have if it wasn’t for the injury.  

If I could, and the millions or is that billions of people who has suffered injuries or have some sort of disability, could replace our current bodies for one made out of shiny metal and was damn near indestructible it would greatly affect our quality of life. No longer would there be activities that we could not do. If we so desired we could not only enter a marathon but actually complete one. We wouldn’t have to worry about our endurance.

Transformers like bodies are probably not in any of our futures; does that mean all hope is lost. I don’t think so. Everyday medical science is making improvements on prosthetic limbs. Once scientist can find a away to create an interface between our biochemical brain and an electromechanical computer in the artificial body part we would be one step closer to a cybernetic future. And once we can create nanobots that can create such limbs we basically no longer need the medical system as we have it. No one would have to go without the care that they needed. Little tiny machines in their blood could take care the vast majority of what ails us. For what the nanobot can’t repair there no need to see a doctor any more. Just head down to your local cybernetic dealer and they will hook you up with a new part to replace the one that is damaged or not working properly anymore.

Think of all the things we could be rid of, no more diabetes, no more cancers, no more flu, we could rid of all diseases. There would be no more starving children. No longer would we need cars to get us from one point to another. We would become our own means of transportation which would help cut back on harmful toxins being released in the atmosphere.    We could finally stabilize the world’s population. The closer we get to human immortality the less need we would have to reproduce. After all reproduction is just evolution’s way of making sure that an individual’s genes survive after they are gone. When we are able to download our consciousness into a computer we will no longer have need of offspring. We will be forever.

I know what I have said here is merely just a pipe dream, high apple pie in the sky hopes if you will. But I honestly believe that it is a dream/wish that is worth having. We are on a march towards a future that is going rely even more heavily on technology that we already do today. Why not take advantage of this technology to improve who we are. Why not level the playing fields for all human beings. Why does one kid get to live out his dream of playing professional basketball and another kid doesn’t because he wasn’t blessed with height or coordination. We can over come our limiting factors. Why would we not take full advantage of it?     


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