A Thought on Social Cohesion

We recently celebrated Dr. King’s birthday this week. As I look at this country I can’t help but feeling nobody actually has any idea what he had to say. Sure everybody posted his quotes to social media this past Monday and patted themselves on the back because they imaged that they did their part in furthering acceptance for all people no matter what they look like, who they love or what they believe. I see them as nothing but hypocrites, they smile and say they are for equality for all however they practice dividing our nation into smaller and smaller units who they set against each other. It is not their supposed boogeymen that are waging class and cultural warfare, but they themselves, the self-professed defenders of the downtrodden that are ripping this country apart at the seams.


4 thoughts on “A Thought on Social Cohesion

  1. I didn’t post any quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. I was busy on Monday. I participated in a march from city hall to a memorial service that involved a speech from one of the Senators for Indiana, a video message from the other Senator, a speech from the Sheriff of Jeffersonville, speeches from some of the city council members and a couple of local pastors, a speech from a senior judge and a retired member of the legal system along with a few brief words from another local policeman. The mayor was also there and so were a variety of surprisingly very different groups of people including a prominent local biker gang.
    What I liked about the service was that none of the speeches promoted the idea that things are so much better now and we are almost where we should be, that our problems as a society are over.
    Not a single one said anything of the sort. In fact, every single person commented on how King was the beginning of major change and many of them remembered from their childhoods actually witnessing Bloody Sunday (the retired man lived in Selma, Alabama in his childhood) and they remembered the great sacrifice so many made along with King to bring about change. They talked of the beatings, the attacks on protestors by dogs, the vicious killings.
    Their purpose on this past Monday was not just to remember King, their main purpose was to let everyone know that changes still need to be made and the way they are moving towards a better society is, at least for this area, for the police to work with the citizens and the judges and the local associations, local churches, local youth, the schools, the city council and anyone else willing to be a part of the movement. The panel answered questions from the audience on how they planned on improving communication and collaboration – and they are currently setting up and taking applications for a citizen’s police group. They focused on the idea that the way to a better society is not dividing citizens against the system, it is through working together that progress is made.

    • There are those who are trying to bring people together and their efforts should be commended. The problem is that there are people who have appropriated the cause, the good works, and accomplishments of those working to make the world a better place so that they can use those issues to drive a wedge between people. These people’s actions end up tainting the efforts of those who wish to bring people together.

      Dr. King’s Dream was that one day that we would live in a world that does not see differences. These people who claim to be working to further the Dream only see the difference between groups of people. They are just as bad as any bigot because they are bigots. They just cloak themselves in the guise of social change.

    • I would like to clarify that the people I am talking about are almost always twenty-something upper middle/upper class whites who have never had to worry about paying for college, got degrees in philosophy, media studies, communications or similarly fields, and once they graduated they got jobs as bloggers and found way to get gigs speaking to corporations or convincing business they need to be more “diverse.” What they mean by being more diverse is that they need to get rid of anybody who have idea different from their own.

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