Robot Me!

future4The other day a friend of mine suggested to me that I start to blog about technology because I know about such things. The reason she says this is because she knows that I have a degree in Computer Electronics. What I failed to inform her about is I only have an Associate degree in that field and that since I earned that degree back in 2007 I have yet to work in the field. I didn’t bring it up because neither one of those facts would disqualify me from writing, as a layman, on such issues. After all there are plenty of enough people who write about things they are not qualified to write about. Besides she is a pretty smart cookie and I should probably follow her suggestion, what could it hurt? 

This is going to be my first post in this venture and is just going to be about something that is on my mind. I have an article that I plan on responding to, but I want to lay some ground work before I do that. I’m not a gadget head, you know the kind of person who has a laptop or two, a desktop computer Continue reading


A Thought on Social Cohesion

We recently celebrated Dr. King’s birthday this week. As I look at this country I can’t help but feeling nobody actually has any idea what he had to say. Sure everybody posted his quotes to social media this past Monday and patted themselves on the back because they imaged that they did their part in furthering acceptance for all people no matter what they look like, who they love or what they believe. I see them as nothing but hypocrites, they smile and say they are for equality for all however they practice dividing our nation into smaller and smaller units who they set against each other. It is not their supposed boogeymen that are waging class and cultural warfare, but they themselves, the self-professed defenders of the downtrodden that are ripping this country apart at the seams.