Celebrity Culture

By: William G. Muir

I have decided that Tuesday will be dedicate to me finding something in the tabloids and ripping into it. It is my opinion that we are way to obsessed with celebrities in today’s society, and we have been for far to long. And I feel what pushes that celebrity culture down our throats the most are the tabloids. No one asked me if I wanted to know just what color tiling some wannabe actress/reality television star has in their dog’s bathroom in their second dog house. (Is that a thing? I am sure some celebrity’s dog out there has a second dog house that TMZ is doing a piece on the tiling. If not they soon will be,)  I mean it TMZ and reality shows like The Real House Wives Name A City That Use To Have Dignity Until We Exposed Its Most Useless Citizens To The Nation are doing real harm to this country.

Before I go any further, I feel that I must confess that I will be writing articles for a soon to be launched online entertainment magazine that covers the city of Louisville. But I don’t feel like I am being a hypocrite going after tabloids. Our goal at this magazine is to focus on the talent that is in the city of Louisville and make the city a place that is known of high quality when it comes to the events it puts on. We are in no way promoting the talent in the city as being anything other than they are. We are not trying to deify anyone here.

Now I must admit that I try and avoid the kind of people that end up in the tabloids as much as a medieval lord tried to avoid the Black Death. But no matter how hard I try to not know anything about Justin Bieber or whoever is the latest Disney teen Diva, somehow they still invade my consciousness. I may block off the direct routes, but they manage to slip in  indirectly.

No matter how hard I try to hide, I still suffer.

Who do I blame for all this celebrity worship in our culture today. You might say the tabloids, if you read what I said earlier, but they’re not were all this started. Sure they are the bulldozer that keeps pushing the mountains of useless humanity towards us. They are the ones that bringing to the public’s attention hacks like Ke$ha and Chris Brown.

No I don’t blame the tabloids, there is a force much eviler at work here.

I blame today’s obsession with celebrity culture on E!. Sure there has always been a fascination with those that stood out from the rest of society. Back in medieval Europe it was the nobility, before that it would have philosophers of ancient Greece and before that the Pharaohs of Egypt. These were all larger than life characters and one couldn’t help but being caught up in wanting to know how these people lived their lives. But this all happened back in a time when the common man could never get closer than the moat that surrounded the castle.

Someone might be saying that tabloids existed before E! even broadcasted its first hour television, and you would be correct. But I remember what tabloids use to be like back when I was a child; they mostly had stories about aliens visitation and the Batboy. Very few people took them seriously. But the celebrity band wagon was beginning to hitch up in the 1980’s and we see our first glimpses of the culture that it would exploited in the over the top lifestyles of Americans elite. Shows like Dallas and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous gave a peek into this other world.

But as the excesses of the 1980’s led into the recession of the early 1990’s we saw the emergence of a new culture, one that wasn’t at all impressed with material possessions. The Grunge/Alternative scene that was sweeping in from Seattle thumbed their noses at the yuppies that were so much of the focus of the previous decade. They weren’t going to be tools of the man, forced to run the rat race and sell out to the almighty dollar. They had their principles and they weren’t giving them up for nobody.

This all seemed like a breath of fresh air, that was until I turned on the E!  in the mid-90’s. What did I see, a  show from the ’80s that I thought had disappeared, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. But it hadn’t vanished, it had found a new home on E!, and it was surrounded by all these other celebrity obsessed shows. E! became the breeding ground for these awful shows and soon they would spread and take down high brow channels like Bravo.

That germ of a channel lead to the society we live in today. Use to there was no way to move up the social ladder, The people who had wealth, in almost 100% of the cases, inherited it from their father’s. In today’s world we are told from birth that you can grow up to be rich and famous. The only problem is that most of us lack the mental capacities to do so in the business world. And since none of us want to be stuck eating ramen noodles for the rest of our lives we turn attention to Hollywood.

It is my honest opinion that we only give celebrities the kind of treatment that we do, is because we want to be just like them. We all think that we sign good enough or can act good enough to make a living in the entertainment business. And why not, Paris Hilton has. To the average person it looks like actors, athletes, and singers just play for living. It sure looks easier that flipping burgers for eight hours.

So while the majority of the U.S. population is working hard and going nowhere, they will continue to obese over the likes of Will Smith, Tom Brady and Jay Z. Which means no matter how hard I squeeze my eyes shut and stick my fingers in my ears, I will still have to hear about just how great the boys in One Direction are, If there are any aliens visiting the Earth, I beg you to please come and abduct me,


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