July Is Over, Thank Goodness!

So August is finally here, and if you hadn’t noticed I didn’t post much during the past month. Part of it was because Michala and I started working on book number two. I was putting a lot of effort in making sure it started off on a good note. But the main reason I barely posted anything is because I don’t like the month of July. I just find July to be the most boring month of the year. Period!

Even when I was a kid I didn’t like July, there was nothing to do. Sure June was exciting because it was the beginning of summer vacation. It was the thing I was looking forward to during the whole last month of school. It was something different, a chance to sleep in, hang out all day at the swimming pool, ride my bike around town, play video games over at my buddies house and stay up late. Even lunch was so much better during the month of June. Instead of eating something that only faintly resemble actual food, you got eat real food. Pizza, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ham sandwiches, bologna sandwiches, fried chicken, and whatever else mom made for me and my sisters.

All of that soon became old come in July. The newness of the freedom I had waited for had all worn off and once again I found myself doing the same old routine day after day. There is only so many times you can do the same thing day after day before you wake up and realize you that you are just spinning your tires and not going anywhere. You can talk about how awful the school lunches are, but at least there was some variety in it. After eating PB&J sandwiches for two weeks straight even a bowl of the school chili looks mighty good.

In August things got a bit of a shake up. First off there was the Kentucky State Fair. Up until I was in high school this was something I looked forward to each year. (When I was in high school they pushed the beginning of the school before the KSF.) Mom usually would take me and my two sisters to the KSF sometime during the first week of the fair. I loved it. I would get my tickets or bracelet or whatever it was that got you on the rides and would take off on my own.  Just walking around the midway and watching everything that was going on was fun in itself. All those people scurrying around from one ride/game to the next. Waiting in line to have their turn and then off again to their next destination, just to stand in another line. It all seemed like pure madness.

In reality was pure joy.

The thing I will always like about the fair compared to an amusement park, besides the cost, is the lines. Now admittedly I have never been to Disneyland or any of the other big amusement parks. But I have been to the smaller ones in the Southern Indiana/Louisville Metro area. And I have to say the lines there were much longer than the ones at the Kentucky State Fair; I can only imagine what they are at bigger parks.

As a kid August was the month to get ready to go back to school. Several times during the month mom would drag the three of us kids to K-Mart or Wal-Mart and we would do our back to school shopping. I don’t exactly know when mom had the time to pick out my sister clothes during this trips, because it always seemed like she was busy making sure ever last pair of jeans that I tried on fit just right. Shirts were never problem, just grab several of them off a rack, but since I was a husky kid picking out pants was an event in itself. It always seemed liked mom was tugging at the waistband to make sure they were roomy enough. Forget about getting a pair of pants that was the correct length. The inseam was always too long.

To this day I cannot find a pair of pants that are the correct length for my waist.

No matter when the first day of school came, it was always in August. That meant at least spending a week of getting my school supplies together. Trying to decide just what things I would or wouldn’t put into my pencil box. Getting my Trapper Keeper in order, do I want the folders in order of blue, red, green, or green, red, blue, or…etc. When I was in middle school I would also make sure my trumpet was in good shape, and I got rid of any of the trash that was in my trumpet case. Sure there would be trash in it in just a few days, but at least it looked pretty for the first day. Also during my middle school years I would spend a week trying to make sure I had my locker combination remembered.

I know you are probably think that my opinion of the month of July must have improved now that I am an adult. That since I have out grown summer vacation July couldn’t be boring anymore. Well you would be mistaken for thinking like that. July is just as boring, if not more so. Let us start off with the fact that the only good holiday during the month happens right at the beginning of the month. Four days in and you have this massive celebration. How can the rest of the month hope to hold my interest when on July 4th you have already had cookouts and fireworks. The rest of the month is just out of luck,

What is there to look forward to, the heat? I am not a fan of summer weather, it is just too darn hot. And i know August is usually the hottest month of the year, but their are things that take my mind off the heat. Thankfully this year July was rather mild here in the Ohio Valley, but in years past I have cursed July for being so freaking hot. Yes the summer months look beautiful with all the plants in full bloom, but could we have that beauty with some reasonable temperatures.

I could continue on ranting about why I don’t like July, I could probably write a book about it. I will stop here though. It is time to look to the future. I don’t want to jinx anything, but at the moment I am waiting to hear back on a few things. I am crossing my fingers, hoping that they turn out the way I want them to. So for now I will leave you with this, Happy August. 



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