Profile Of A Hero

By: William G. Mui

Day 5: Create a superhero and describe them in 500 words or less

The Druid

druidPaturbem is a proud and ancient land. Once home to some of the greatest heroes to every roam the countryside. Mighty warrior kings would lead their legions of horseback paladins into battle. They vanquished all that dare destroy law and order in the realm. The greatest of the warrior kings were those of the Matur line. While they sat upon the throne no enemies could ever hope to defeat them.

Disaster would strike Paturbem when its king took to his bed with a mysterious infection. Darton III had been the ruler of the kingdom for three years, having come to the throne at the tender age of just ten years old. Healer were sought after, word went out to the four corners. Every shaman, witch doctor, priest and cleric came to offer their services, but not one of them could do anything for the young king. After several months of wasting away from an unknown illness Darton III passed away.

With no heir the Matur line was broken, darkness fell upon Paturbem.

For three millennium  Paturbem  did sleep. When it did emerge from its slumber the citizens found themselves once again the center of attention of the kingdom. The city was leading the new modern age in a technological revolution. No longer were they men of conquest and war, now they were now people of science and peace. So were their neighbors.

That was until an ancient evil returned. After being imprisoned inside a Himitsu-Bako box for over 5,000 years, Hakala the Blackness, escaped. And death followed him.

It looked as if Paturbem was on the verge of becoming a ghost town. No one in the city could come up with a plan to rid themselves of Hakala, but then the mysterious one arrive. No one knew where he came from, no one knew his age, no one even knew if he was a woman or a man. All they did know was that he went by the name, the Druid.

There may be one clue to the Druid’s past. Tucked away in an obscure corner of University library the town’s fathers found the biography on Hakala. Inside the tome was a scroll that told of the last hero to have fought the Blackness. He was described as denizen of the woodlands, and that he was the one to trap the demon in the Himitsu-Bako box.

The town’s fathers did rejoice upon the arrival of the Druid. The scroll had made mention that he possessed an ancient power from times long ago. Powers that were only granted by the gods themselves. And it had been ages since any mortal had the honor of being blessed so.


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