Will’s Eye REView: The Louisville Crashers

By: William G. Muir

Time to try something I have never done before, a music review. Ok I did do that review of Timothy by The Buoy, but that was just me being silly. This is going to be my first serious music review; I’m taking a look at the debut album by The Louisville  Crashers. The Louisville Crashers.

I have to say this is a fun record. As soon as you put this into your CD player and press play this album is going to infect your soul. Throughout the whole album I kept tapping my toes to the beat. The music got inside of me, the rhythm made me want to get up dance. This is a album you are going to want to sign along with, on every song.

Trust me you are going to find yourself singing these songs as you are out and about doing your everyday routine. And your not going to care, you’re just going to sign even louder. This is a fun CD. It’s up beat, up tempo and very optimistic in regards to the everyday world we live in and the circumstances we find ourselves in.

The Louisville Crashers will put a smile on your face. The album sounds great, you can tell these guys have put a lot work into every song. It doesn’t sound as if they wrote a few songs that really believe in and then scrounged around to come up with filler material for the remaining tracks. This is one of those rare CDs were I want to listen to every song. In my opinion there is not a bad song on this CD.

So what does The Louisville Crashers sound like? Well it very much sounds like a mix of the kind of stuff I would have grown up listening to. There is a foundation of 80s Hard Rock throughout every song. Add to that a late 70s Disco/Dance Club tempo, and it is topped of with horns that brings to mind that Motown sound. There is even a hit of south of the boarder sound in the last song Fly.

All these different sounds are blended together seamlessly. No one element is fighting to overpower any of the others. Every dimension of the sounds fits together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It’s Van Gogh for the ears.

Would I recommend that you head on over to Itunes and purchase The Louisville Crashers? You better believe it. Even though this album is made up of past musical styles they are put together in such a way that it doesn’t feel dated. It is fresh take on the kind of stuff many of us grew up on. It is very modern sounding in that way.

I got to give this CD two thumbs up.


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