10 Wishes

Day 4: List 10 things you wish were true but are not, example: I wish the sky was pink instead of blue

1. I wish wires would never get tangled up when they are close to each other.

2. I wish water tasted like apple juice.

3.  I wish after after a snow storm after all the snow has melted off my car, it didn’t leave it dirty.

4.  I wish it was possible to travel faster than the speed of light.

5.  I wish I had a twenty foot radius shield that would block me from hearing people playing there music extremely loud.

6.  I wish Corn Dogs made at home tasted as good as Corn Dogs from the fair.

7.  I wish I had the ability to project my mind back in time, that way I could witness histories greatest moments.

8.  I wish I could stop the flow of time with the snap of my fingers anytime I wanted to.

9.  I wish I had night vision.

10.  I wish when I tried to make list like this my mind wouldn’t go blank.


3 thoughts on “10 Wishes

  1. Your wires get crossed? Maybe that’s why you said what you did the other day. 😛
    Apple Juice…ugh. Gross! Couldn’t it be something like black cherry koolaid or something…apple juice?
    Where do you come up with things like #3? LOL
    If you could travel faster than the speed of light would you? And where do you need to get to that fast?
    Have you heard my son playing drums again?
    Mmmmm…corn dogs.
    Maybe if I had the talent of #7 I wouldn’t hate history so much.
    Time stopping and night vision…now that’s something.
    I don’t see any evidence of a blank mind at all in this post.

    • You’ll have to refresh my my memory, what did I say the other day?
      I like apple juice, but you can whatever flavor you like.
      On number 3 I have owned a white car.
      If I could go faster than the speed of light I would go everywhere, nowhere in particular.

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