My (Fake) Obituary

ripBy: William G. Muir

The notorious blogger, turned writer, turn producer and once Emperor of the Cyberverse, Will’s Eye View was found gunned down outside his Colombian Banana Plantation. Born before the Cyber Revolution that saw the abandoning of flesh bodies once the singularity was achieved, it was thought that Will’s Eye View was somewhere around 3,472 years old at the time of his passing. Birth records dating back to the time before the revolution are thought to have been wiped from digiservers in the Great Purge that took place in the year 2,245 C.E. While large portion of the archives were saved when courageous Data Processing Clerks risked their lives protecting the Data Stream against the Repocators, to much damage was already done. Efforts are being undertaken to recover data from the chard remains of the digiservers that were damaged in the Great Purge, but there is little hope of any success.


Before his upload, Will’s Eye View had build himself a sizable fortune in the entertainment business. He was a pioneer in holographic book market, nearly holding a monopoly on all the patents in the industry. His cutthroat business dealings led to him making quite a few enemies in the days of the flesh world. Lucky for him the singularity was achieved three decades before the earliest estimated completion dates. Once inside the Cyberverse, Will’s Eye View used the same killer business instincts to gain him power within the digiservers. In the early days of anarchy he was able to construct a power base that he used to gain control of A.I., which he used to declare himself Emperor of the Cyberverse.


After 3,259 years confined to the digiservers Will’s Eye View set out once again to be a pioneer. This time he had his engineers create a synthetic material that could be shaded into a flesh body that the cyberzens could then use to once again walk in the flesh world. Once the faux flesh was achieved Will’s Eye View abdicated his cyberthrone so that he could semi-retire to the flesh world.


Will’s Eye View is survived by no relatives, as he had his family members hunted down and deleted from the Data Stream once he had consolidated his power.


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