10 Things That I Like

By: William G. Muir

Day 2: List 10 of your favorite things, doesn’t have to be your most favorite, just ten things you like

1. My 1976 Ford Mustang

I have been a fan of the Ford Mustang ever since 6th grade and my buddy Chad’s old brother Paul had a 1965 convertible Mustang. Ever since then I wanted to own a Mustang of my own. In 1994 I got my chance to own this piece of American Automotive history when I purchased my 1976 Ford Mustang. It was the first car that I ever purchased. My mother gave me the money for this car after my father had an accident in my 1970 Ford LTD. (Yes I am a Ford man.) With $650.00 from the money that my father’s coworkers had collected, I headed down to St. Matthew’s with my grandfather to check the car out. I took my grandfather along with me for two reason 1) I was only 18 at the time and had no idea where in Louisville St. Matthew’s was and 2) my grandfather use to be a mechanic and I wanted him to check out the car for me. After he test drove it and decided the car was in good shape I had my Mustang.

Sure it wasn’t the beast that those Mustang generation before it or even after it would be. It was built during the fuel shortages of the late 1970s and it was designed to take advantage of that situation. It may only had a 4 cylinder engine that was underpowered for it’s steel frame. It developed an oil leak in the oil pan when I cracked it by driving up on one of those parking barrier. And after a year it developed a hole in the heater coil.  But it was a Mustang and it could turn the heads of the ladies.

I would love to own another Mustang from this generation, except with a 302 cid V8 engine, after I have my 1965 convertible Mustang. Mine looked very much like the picture down below, with the exception that it was white, the vinyl top was blue and the interior was an aqua blue color.

Sega'2. Sega Master System:

In 6th grade there was one thing that I wanted most for Christmas, that was a Nintendo. It was 1986 and the NES was the Christmas gift to have. Sure there had been other home video game consoles in the past. We had both an Intellevision set that my father brought back with him from Germany, that we never used, and we had an Atari 2600 system. The Atari was more like something the whole family would use. The NES on the other hand was a system that was personal. Or it seemed like it to me, I had no brothers to share a system with and my sister were not into video games.

Christmas came and I didn’t get the Nintendo, I got a Sega Master System instead. My parents explained to me that they had tried to get me the NES but that everywhere they went the stores were sold out. They also said that the person that sold them the Sega told them it had better graphics and more colors than the NES did. I guess my parents did go the extra mile when they got the Sega system, because they just didn’t get me the Master System, they got the whole Sega Scope 3-D. The system came with a pair 3-D glasses and the game 3-D Missile Defense.

Over the years I found some other boys that had the Sega Master System. While everybody else had the NES it was like we had our own little secret club. Sega would move out of Nintendo’s shadow when the next generation of video game console hit the market. And being that I have always been brand loyal I bought the Sega Genesis.

3. My 1976 F100:

By no means would anybody mistake me for a truck guy. I didn’t grow up in the country, I am not a country boy, or a redneck. I don’t listen to country music, or have a job that requires I own a truck. I am quite the opposite, I am a city boy that likes rock music. The closest I ever come to needing a truck at work was when I would drive to other stores to pick up a couple trays of hamburger buns or a few boxes of Quarter Pounder patties. With that being said I love trucks. To me a truck is the ultimate personal vehicle. A car is made for transporting a family around, but trucks are designed for one purpose, and that is to do work.

Over the years I have come to love cars. One of these days I want to find an old car that is in fair shape, is cheap and rebuild it. This desire to rebuild a car goes back to my 1976 F100.  It was the mid-90s and I was working at McDonald’s. I was a shift manager at the time and worked mostly the day shift. In the evenings I liked to go into a store I had been working at before I got promoted and transferred. The reason I would spend part of my evenings at this other McDonald’s was because I had friends that worked as maintenance men, so they worked third shift. There was also a couple regular customers that came in every night and I would go and hang out with them.   

We had quite a little group going on, and we were all into cars. This McDonald’s was right off the interstate and therefore had a big parking lot for truckers. Since it was late at night, and there was no one there, and we had this big open strip we started racing in the parking lot. Though most of the cars were lighter then my old truck, I would on occasion get involved in these races. It was a great experience. And that’s what we did for several hours most every night. We would talk about cars and go out and race once the doors were locked.

4. A blue t-shirt:

I have never been someone that had a favorite article of clothing. Never had a favorite jacket, never had a favorite pair of socks or underwear. this could be due to the fact that I don’t have more clothes or shoe than I need, and that I don’t usually spend a lot of money on clothing. But there were two articles of clothing that I have had that did stand out from the rest. One of them was this dark blue t-shirt that I had back in the early ’90s. If I remember correctly the brand was Jerzees and that I got it at Wal-Mart on one of the rare occasion when I do buy clothing. I also picked up a couple other shirts that day along with one of those leather braided belts. 

I have no idea why this shirt became my favorite. But at some point I was wearing this shirt almost everyday. Whenever I would come home from work, I would take off my work clothes and slip this shirt on. There were other t-shirts I could of worn, but this one was the one that I wanted to wear, even if I had to hunt it down. It was just so light weight and felt so comfortable.

Sadly I lost that shirt when I was involved in a car wreck. Instead of letting me take the shirt off, the EMT cut it open so they could check my vitals. I will never have another shirt like that one. 

5. Pen and Pencil set:

When I got the word that I was going to be promoted to shift manager when I worked at McDonald’s I received another bit of news along with it. The promotion came with a transfer to another store. I had been working at the Sellersburg McDonald’s for four years and in that time I had become friends with nearly all my coworkers. The upper management thought that it would be best for me if I started my job as a manager in a store that I had no close ties in. This did not sit well with my store manager at the time. 

Even though she didn’t like the decision, a few days before I was suppose to start working at the Georgetown McDonald’s, she gave me one of those fancy pen and pencil sets. this really touched me dearly, cause no one outside of my family had given me such wonderful gift.   

6. 1970 Ford LTD:

I know this is the 3rd car on my list, but I love cars. Not only do I love cars, I love big, old cars. And they don’t get much bigger than a 1970 LTD.

I was a senior in high school when I got this car, and it was the second one that I had gotten from my grandparents. My first car, a 1975 Mercury Comet’s transmission gave out and for about a month I was without a car. Than one night someone pulling a trailer full of lawn mowers drove by the car late at night, and one of their lawn mowers tipped off the trailer and damaged the passenger side of the car. Once my grandparents got the insurance check they gave the car to me. 

That was a fun car to drive, especially on the old country roads. It was damn near the perfect car to go hill hopping in.

7. Rolex watch:

When I graduated from high school my father gave me a Rolex watch as a graduation gift. I was never much of a watch wearer, and I preferred digital watches to the kind you windup. Despite all that I cherished this watch for many years. Until somebody stole it. 

8. Transformers:

I grew up at a great time for boys toys, the early 1980s. The FCC had relaxed their rules on advertizing in children’s programming, so we got great shows like He-man And the Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, Gobots and my personal favorite the Transformers. It was said these shows were just thirty minute commercials to sell product. I don’t know if that is true, and I don’t care. I had toys from all four of the shows that I mentioned.

9. The several basketballs I have owned over the years:

I love basketball, it is almost a given when you live in Kentuckiana (region comprised of southern Indiana and northern Kentucky). Over the years I have had many basketballs. All of which I nearly wore out because I played so much basketball, and in almost all the types of weather. 

10. My Wolverine work boots:

In the mid-90s my buddy Mike started talking about Wolverine work boots. I thought this rather strange since he delivered pizzas for Papa Johns, there was no reason he would need to wear work boots. But he keep talking about them, saying how they were the top of the line work boot and the most comfortable as well.

The movie Time Cop came out and in the movie Van Damme is wearing a pair of Wolverines. The scene were Van Damme ask the thief what his boot says was pretty bad ass. Shortly after that Mike bought himself a pair of Wolverines. It took me a little bit longer to getting around and buying a pair. I wasn’t really thriller with the thought of paying $80.00 for a pair of work boots. 

One pay day I decided that I was going go out and buy me a pair of these boots. I don’t know why, I just did. I walked into Sears, straight to the shoe section. I found the Wolverine shoe display and looked over the selection they had. A pair almost instantly caught my eye, they were a darker shade of tan, almost brown and they were steel toed. If I was going to buy these boots I wanted them to be steel toed. As soon as I decided on which pair I wanted I found the sales lady and showed her what I wanted. She rang up the sell and the boots were $165.00. The display didn’t list a price and I had thought they were the same as the other boots $80-90 range. At this point I was too embarrassed to tell the girl that I don’t want them. Those boots cost me almost my entire check for the week.


4 thoughts on “10 Things That I Like

  1. Alright, I’m going to have to be tough there. Transformers were alright. I loved the first move and as a kid loved the cartoon. But come on, now,….. and I forgot what I was going to say. So let’s get back to the trucks – they are Fords and that earns you my hats off to your for being supportive nod. Yay For Ford!. As for the flue T-shirt = that one is a slippery slope. Blue has so many dimensions and can be so many colors. I hope you chose the right one although you don’t appear to be a blue kind of guy color wise on shirts. I’m telling you WIll, I’m going to come to your house and kidnap you to take you shopping to get some correct colors and then take you out to a bar and and show you how to strutt your stuff!

    • When I was talking Transformers I of course meant the first cartoon series in the 1980s and the movie that went along with it.

      The shirt was a dark blue, maybe navy blue, but I’m not good with shades.

  2. I have owned many cars since I got my drivers license back in 1970. Of all that I have owned, the Mustang is the most memorable. I had a 69, and then a 1999 convertible (35th Anniversary edition). Also, I am on my 4th F-150, so I guess I qualify as a Ford guy. I liked your list Will.

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