31 Day Challenge: Days 28, 29, 30 and 31

By: William G. Muir

Today is the end of the month and therefore I will be wrapping this challenge up. I know it says 31 day challenge and today is only the 30th, but it is the end of the month. Also the last few items I don’t have much to say about them. So I have just decided to lump them all into one final post on this matter and move in to the next challenge. Whatever that may be.

Also I had forgotten June only has 30 days in it when I decided to do this challenge. In the future I will try not to make such a mistake.

Day 28 – What are you looking forward to:

When? That is my question. This topic is just too vague. At anytime I could be looking forward to any number of things. What I was looking forward to this morning could be far different than what I am looking forward to an hour from now. What I am looking forward to on the 4th of July is not the same thing that I am looking forward to on Christmas eve.

I know that I am not looking forward to July 6th and 22nd. The 6th marks the one year anniversary of my father passing away, the 22nd he would have turned 60 yrs old.

There is something that I am looking forward to here in the up coming week. I have landed an interview with Jesse Vest, one time bass player for the bands Days of the New and Tantric. The reason I am interviewing Jesse, other than the fact that we went to school together, is that his latest band, The Louisville Crashers is releasing their debut album. I hope you all will not only read that interview but go out and buy their album.

Day 29 – Where have you traveled:

During my life time I have done a lot of traveling. Not all of it was done for pleasure, well there was only one place that I have traveled to that was for vacation purposes. The other places that I have been to in my life I only went there because I was moving. And all this moving came before I was in the 6th grade. My father was in the both the Army and Marines when I was a boy. That meant that every few years he would be given a posting to a different military base, which meant we had to move. The only place that he was posted that we didn’t get to go to was when he was sent to Germany. He was suppose to be going back to Germany for a second time in 1986 and the whole family was going this time as well. But because of an incident we never got to go. 

The only place I traveled to on vacation came in 1996. My buddy Mike was traveling down to Lexington, KY to visit his new stepbrother for the very first time. I had vacation coming up the same week and I decided to tag along with him.

The places that I have lived:






Day 30 – What is in you makeup bag:


Day 31 – Why do I blog:

I am going to make this really short and simple, I have really grown exhausted of this challenge.

The reason I blog is to get attention. I am trying to make a living as a writer and this blog is to build up a fan base. This blog is to be a place for me to post short stories, some of them related to the books I am working on. So look forward to seeing those short stories coming your way soon.


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