31 Day Challenge: Days 22, 23 and 24

By: William G. Muir

This is beginning to sound like an old  broken record. I think that has something to do with most of these topics being repetitive. Whoever compiled this list must have been hurting for ideas.

Favorite childhood book.

I didn’t really have one favorite book as a kid, I had a favorite series, Encyclopedia Brown. I am not a big fan of mystery books, I usually have a pretty good idea who done it part way through the book. Which make for a rather anticlimactic finish. But when I was a kid I didn’t really try and figure out the cases. But then again the Encyclopedia Brown books were not that long to begin with and they were made up of several short mysteries. So there was really very little time to form an opinion on who was guilty. Although it usually turned out to be Bugs Meany.

For those of you not familiar the series follows boy detective Leroy Brown as he not only helps his father, the chief of police, solve cases at the dinner table, but he also has his own detective agency that he runs out of the garage. He charges .25 cents a day plus expenses, no case too small.

Leroy’s nickname, Encyclopedia, comes from the fact that he is extremely intelligent. It is said that when he thinks it sounds like the pages of a book turning.

For a kid that wasn’t all that into reading, the Encyclopedia Brown books were great. They were extremely thin, containing several short stories. This meant you could read through a story, even the whole book in one sitting, which really lends to a sense of accomplishment.

The best thing to happen this year:

I feel like I have been talking about this one constantly lately. The best thing to happen to me this year is that I, along with my writing partner Michala, have a finished manuscript. But not only that but I have been getting more into my writing. Not only do I feel like I have grown as an artist, I have also become more comfortable sharing my writing with others. There was a time when I only shared my work with a small select group of people. Even when they would compliment me on my writing and tell me how they looked forward to reading more of my work, I just couldn’t bring myself to show it to a broader audience. But with all you following and liking my work, it gives me the confidence to continue.

The only thing I wish is that I got more feedback on my post.

Dream Job

Being a writer is my dream job, yet it is only part of that dream job. I don’t know exactly what I would call the job, so I am going to describe it. I want to write cheesy low budget horror indie movie scripts. I have seen enough of these b grade movies that I am pretty sure I could write one as well. At least I want yo give it a shot. Another thing I would like to do is write an episode of Doctor Who. That is my favorite show and what an honor it would be to write for. I would also like to get a job as a writer for a wrestling promotion. I would like to write a play for off Broadway theater. I also have a few ideas for television shows as well.


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