31 Day Challenge: Day 16 & 17

By: William G. Muir

Ok so I am running just a bit behind schedule here. At least for my liking. So I have decided to combine the post I should have done yesterday with the one I am suppose to do today. I am also going to post this earlier than I normally do. Thus not only getting caught up, but getting it out of the way so I can focus my energies else where. 

Like is there a Caribbean Queen out there sharing my dreams? 

So Day 16’s task was to let you all know what is on my Bucket List. A bucket list, as you all very well know, is the list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket (die). Now I have no such list. I believe to have a list you must think about dying. And to be quite frank I really do not think of dying. Period! Now I don’t think I am going to live forever, I am naive, but not that naive. I just don’t sit around worrying about it. Life is too short, and I wish to live in the now. Besides making list and setting goals are not my strong suits. 

But since that is the task I have been given, I will try my best to accomplish it. 

My Bucket List 

1. I would like to travel overseas.

In 1986, when I was 11, my father was in the Army. During that year we were suppose to be moving to Germany for the next three years. Unfortunately my father left the Army before we could go. Ever since then I have felt disappointed that I never got to travel overseas. One of these days though I hope to fix that. On the list of places I would like to visit are Germany, Japan, France, England and Scotland. If I only get to go to one of these countries than I want it to be Scotland, that is where my ancestor come from. 

2. Rebuild a 1965 Mustang Convertible:

This is my car. Ever since I was in the sixth grade and my friend Chad’s older brother Paul had one of these cars, I have wanted one. It is a classic piece of American automotive history. The first of the pony cars. Very few cars can turn heads the way a Mustang can. I can see myself now, on the weekends, sitting at the car shows, showing off my showing my pride and joy. 

3. Attend a live WWE event:

I have attended both a minor league baseball game and a college football game. The atmosphere was electric. Now I am not really a baseball fan, and when I went to watch the University of Louisville play Boston College I wasn’t a college football fan either. If begin at both those live events moved me like that, I can’t imagine how it would be to see a live WWE event. I have been a wrestling fan since I was a little boy. It is the one sport that I have liked throughout my life. I just think it would be awesome if I could see Wrestlemania or the Royal Rumble in person.  

4. Rebuild a 1955 Chevy:

This one is for my father, who passed away last year. He once told me about how when he was a boy his grandfather had a 55 Chevy waiting for him when he turned sixteen. He never got the car though. One night one of his uncles got drunk and took the car out for a spin. He ended up totaling the car. Since my father never got his 55 Chevy, if I ever have the money I want to buy/rebuild one.

5. Have a book published:

This one is nearing completion. The manuscript is written, the editing is finished. All that is left is to find an agent and a publisher. I hope we make Twilight money.

6: Write a script for an Indie Horror Film:

After watching several low budgeted Horror movies I figured it cannot be too difficult to write one. After interviewing Indie director Brad Jones I have no doubts that I could pull one off. If only I could find an Indie director who wants to team up. 

7. Visit either Comic Con or Dragon Con:

If you are a geek or a nerd you dream of going to a sci-fi convention. There you get to meet your favorite stars. Listen to talks about your favorite shows. And find all kind of cool collectible merchandise. And while there are several local ones I could attend, and plan on doing. Both Comic Con and Dragon Cons are the biggest. It is like going to see the Cincinnati Reds play, instead of the Louisville Bats.   

8. Get a degree in Anthropology:

In 1996 I took a semester at Indiana Southeastern University. One of the class I took while at IUS was Introduction to Anthropology. Even before this class I was fascinated with learning as much as I could about human origins. If I had the time and money I would love to get at least a bachelors degree in Anthropology.  

9. Build a TARDIS:

While some people want a Delorean, I want the cool time machine. 

10. Open a secondhand book store.

Why not? It would give me something to do between writing books.

Day 17

I have come to realize something while doing this challenge, I am not a very vain individual. Today’s topic is what is my proudest moments. Well I have many moments in my lifetime time that I am proud of. But I have never sat down to rank them. Though to be honest if I was married and had children I know that I would rank them up there as number one and two. So instead of picking out just one moment that I am proud of, I am going to list of five. (In no particular order)

1. Making  2nd Assistant Manager at McDonald’s.

I had started at McDonald’s when I was a senior in high school, and had never planned to be there long. Originally I was going to go across the state of Indiana to Vincennes University, but that didn’t pan out. After that I set my goals on getting a factory job, but I failed at getting any call backs. So I ended up working there for five years the first time around. In that time I had climbed the latter to shift manager, but because of some differences I left the company. A few years later I had been laid off after the Census and was working the gas station at Kroger’s. It was there that I got an offer to go to help open a brand new McDonald’s in Louisville. I had know the owner when I worked for another owner in Southern Indiana. He stopped by the gas station and offered to make me a manager. Within six months I went from shift manager to 2nd Assistant. I could have gone even further up the ladder. The two stores my owner operated both had openings at the store manager position, and my 1st Assistant wasn’t interested in the job. She told me that she wouldn’t mind if I wanted to take the job. At that time I did not feel I was qualified for the position. I left having worked there for little over a year.  

2. Getting to start a freshman football game.

As a freshman I never thought I would get to start a freshman team football game. I had only begun playing football the year before in 8th grade. You add on top of that I went from being a defensive lineman in 8th grade to an offensive lineman in 9th. I was very inexperienced. But right before the final game of the season, the freshman team coaches called me into the coach’s office. They wanted to let me know that since I had been working really hard in practice all year long they were going to start me the final game. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I had never set out to win a starting position. I just was tired of standing off on the sides during practice, one day I decided that I would interject myself into the action. It paid off big time.   

3. Taking third place in two freshmen track meets.

When I was a freshman I did three sports, football, basketball and track. The track team, which I enjoyed being on, was the one I didn’t take serious. I knew going in I was never going to win no races. For one thing I didn’t join the team to be a runner. In the three years I was on the track team I ran one race my junior year, the 4o0 meters. I was going out to throw shot put. In Indiana the track team is just one unit, there is no varsity, junior varsity, or freshman teams as there are in other sports. As a freshman I would be competing with upperclassmen. At 33 ft I was never going to win a meet. But that year they decided to hold two all freshmen track meets. I thought good, now at least I will only lose by a few feet. Not the normal twenty to thirty feet. It turns out I was wrong, I placed third in both meets.  

4, Graduating from Itt Tech.

It was 2005 and I was at a low point in my life. I was unemployed and the economy was in bad shape. Now for years I had seen commercials for ITT Tech. One evening when I was feeling like there was noway things would ever get better I decided to check out their website. After looking it over there was a button that said click to get a free brochure. So I clicked it and filled out the information needed. Two days later I get a phone call from one of the reps asking if I could come in for an interview. So I did. they were getting ready to start a new semester and if I was interested they told me they could sign me up. So I did it. I knew nothing technical about computers and wound up taking Computer Electronic Engineer Technology course. If I had had a little more time I think I might have taking Computer Gaming instead. After two years I final had my degree.   

5. Finishing the manuscript for The Prophesy of Three.

Since a young age I wanted to be a writer. I would write shorts stories in school. I loved creative writing time. But as I got older I began to shy away from going do the path of a writer. I was never that good in English class. I made decent grades but I really struggled to understand the grammar rules. I got to high school and gave up on being a writer. Soon after high school I started writing again, this time poetry. It wasn’t until 2001 that I decided to focus on writing an actual novel. I started and abandoned many protects. But it was last year that things clicked. I met my writing partner Michala and after several months of hard work we have something we can sell.  

On a side note, the other day I incorrectly referred to” The Prophesy of Three” by its former title The Rinse of Suppression. 


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