31 Day Challenge: Day 15

Timeline of my day:

By: William G. Muir

I live a rather dull and mundane life. If I was to chronicle for you what it was that I did yesterday it would just cause you to fall in a coma from boredom. Most of it was spent a napping. So instead I will use my skills as a writer to tell you what I wish my timeline of today was.

The sun broke over the Carthelle mountains. My sleep was disturbed when a ray from the sun found its way thru the tent flap and struck my eyelids. I cursed the morning for tearing me away from my dream, I was making love to a serving girl that I met in a tavern. She was showing me appreciation for taking care of the drunk slob who would had his hands all over her. I dispatched of him with a single right hook and tossed him in the back alley. So the rats and other vermin could have there way with him. 

Upon rising I gathered my gear and prepared to break camp. It was imperative that I cover as much ground as possible. The Sheriff of Glepistan had sent his posse after me. He was a corrupt man that ruled over the village with an iron fist. He had usurped the power of the throne. The young king, a boy of nine years old, was merely a puppet dancing to the string the sheriff commanded.

I was a wanted man because I dare stand up to this crooked man of power. I had challenged him to duel in the streets and the bastard wouldn’t have any of it. I was arrested for the mysterious murder of my wife and kids. While in custody he told me how he had my family murdered and that if I continued to challenge his authority that he would have me murder in my sleep. 

Through the kindness of the lame boy who worked at jail I managed to escaped. A horse was waiting for me outside jail and I rode to freedom. As I made way out of town, under the cover of night, I vowed to one day return and see the sheriff paid for all his crimes. He will one day find himself at the end of my sword.

As I broke camp, wondering if loneliness would become new constant companion or would there come a day when I would once again feel the soft, healing touch of a women. I headed southeast along the foothills of the Carthelle mountains, on my way to see a medicine man. Just a few days ago I had over heard a conversation about the Mad Hermit. A lone medicine man who was rumored to have spoken, in person, to the Gods themselves.

If anyone could help me in my quest for vengeance. it would be this man. 

The exact whereabouts of the Mad Hermit were unknown. Very few had ever visited him, of those that did even fewer ever came back with their sanity intact. It was a risk that I was willing to take, my soul would never be at peace until I knew that the man that had slain my family had tasted justice.

My only guide on this journey was Al, the horse that I rode away to freedom. It was that said to find the Mad Hermit one must let go of the reigns and let their steed guide the way. Though I had doubts about Al’s chances of finding the medicine man’s lair, he didn’t seem all that bright. He made a habit of following his own tail. At least three times I counted us going around in a circle.

As the noon day sun rose to it’s apex in the sky, I was growing more concern that I was wasting my time. There was no sign that we were making any progress in finding this crazy shaman that lived out on his own. I was beginning to think that the rumors were false and that all he was just that, a rumor. Just an old tale to put fear in the hearts of the foolish.

As I gave serious thought to abandoning this fools errand, something off in the distance caught my attention. Something, roughly the size of a human moved along the ridge. I turned Al towards the direction I had seen this apparition and proceeded to investigate further. Could this be the medicine man of which I sought, or had my eyes played a trick upon me.

As I made my way towards the place I seen the shadowy figure, I could not help noticing that air around me was beginning to feel quite odd. Only moments before I was sweating due to the summer sun beating down upon me. Now my bones began to shake as a chill ran across my skin. Along with the cold I could swear my vision was acting up. Either that or the world around me had started to sparkle. The closer I got to the ridge the stranger things did become.

After riding thru a battlefield occupied by the ghost of long dead soldiers who were caught in an eternal conflict that they could never hope to defeat. I found what appeared to be a small cabin, part of it being carved into the side of the mountain. And sitting on the stoop, as if waiting for me was the figure I saw.

I approached the figure, a teenage girl, and asked if the Mad Hermit was anywhere near. She told me that I had come to the home of the Mad Hermit. I then asked her if I might speak to him. She laughed at me and said that I was speaking to her. But it can’t be, I said. She asked me why. I said because she was just a child. She responded that wisdom knew no age and asked what it was she could do for me.

I begged her to forgive my slight, she waved it away with the flick of wrist. I told her why I sought her out. That I wished to destroy the man that had taken the most important part of my life away. She asked if I was certain this was the path I wished to travel down. That if I choose to walk down this road that things would never be the same.

I told her that I was never more certain of anything in my life. That this was what my life had been leading up to. I told her of how cruel a man the sheriff was and how he was making the citizen of my village miserable. I told her how he had stolen the birthright of our king and once he became of age the sheriff would surely have him executed, just like he had done to last king.

She bowed her head and declared my cause a worthy one. She then handed me a vial full of a smokey type of liquid. Inside she said there lived a creature that would give me the strength to accomplish my goals. That I would have to wait till the sun went down, and sneak into the sheriff’s home. I would then need to wait until I was outside his bedroom door. The I was to pull the stopper and inhale the vapors. 

She did warn me that creature would expect something in return.

That is were you find me now. I am on my way back to my village. On my way back to reclaim my home. I am on my way to bring down a tyrant that has ruled with an iron fist for way to long.








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