31 Day Challenge: Day 10

By: William G. Muir

So you would like to know what my best feature is? Well that is going to be difficult, I am really not that vain. I don’t sit around looking in the mirror all day long. To be honest there might be days that I go without looking in the mirror. Oh I will pass by the one in the bathroom daily, and I will even stand in front of it while I do such things as brush my teeth and put on deodorant. But those activities rarely ever require looking into a mirror to accomplish.

If I had to list one feature as my best, I would say it is my hair. All my life I have had women comment on how jealous they were of my hair. It use to drive women crazy when I was younger and I would cut my hair. Back when I was a teenager, in the late 80s early 90s, the flattop was making a comeback. Since it was the in thing, of course I had one.

I have always hated getting my hair cut. So what I would do is get a flattop and then let it grow back out, After it got to a certain length I would go get my haircut again. This meant that instead of going to the barber shop once a month, like most men do, I was only going ever 3 to 4 months. There were couple times that the gap was as big as six months.

But eventually I would make it down to the barber shop to get my hair. Come that Sunday at church all the women in the congregation would come up and make comments on my new hair cut. Most of the times these comments would be aimed at my mother or grandmother. They were always disappointed in the fact that I got my hair shaved off. They always talked about how naturally wavy my hair was and that they wished that their hair was like that.

To be honest there is nothing special I do to my hair. There are no hair care products that I use besides shampoo with conditioner. I don’t mousee it, gel it, use hair spray or any of the other products people have come up with to stick in ones hair. I just shower, give it a quick towel drive and then run a comb through it. That is all.


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