31 Day Challenge: Day 7

By: William G. Muir

Pet hates is what today’s challenge is. Seeing how I could literally be here all night and the the next day listing all the things I do not like, I will only list three of the top things that make me made.

People who build their identity around on aspect of their lives. I am just going to say it, I am an atheist. I am also a centrist, a sports fan, a skeptic, a lover of science, a son, a brother, a uncle, a nephew, a Hoosier, an American and many many more things. There is not one thing that defines me, I am a collection, I am defined by everything I am.

I do not allow one aspect of who I am to be the only thing I show the world. Yet so many people do. I do not know why these people do this. Why do they push aside all the things that make them who they are. They leave this gapping hole in their personality so that they can show the whole world that they have limited themselves to caring about only part of themselves. They have made themselves one dimensional. It’s like dressing from head to toe in all black, except for your right foot. There you wear a rainbow colored shoe that has bells on it and lights up with ever step because you only wish for people to notice your right foot.

It makes no sense whatsoever. Why limit yourself in that way. You end up becoming a broken record, repeating the sames things over and over. You never get the chance to learn who you are, you become stagnant. Your shtick comes boring. Instead of drawing attention to yourself, which was your goal, you start driving people away.

You become a tired old clown.

People who blindly follow dogma/ideology without questioning. Something you will rarely ever see me do on this blog (at least for the time being, there may come a day that this changes) is talk about politics or religion. That is not the intended purpose of this site. However I would be failing to be doing today’s topic any justice if I didn’t go into those areas briefly here. As I stated above I am an atheist and politically I am left of center. Before I engage in any discussion/slash argument about these two subjects I try to make myself informed about the issues. Otherwise I avoid the conversation all together.

Neither side benefits when the uninformed open their mouths and giving their biased opinions.

I like to have the facts. Sadly their are too many individuals on both sides that could careless about what the evidence says and will substitute their own opinions as if they were the truth. Since most people are followers, they will take these opinions that they have heard and spread them as far as they can. They will post it on their Facebook wall, they will tweet and retweet them, they will forward in emails, and they will go to rallies holding up signs displaying this propaganda.

Soon these false opinions are everywhere. We just recently witnessed this with the War on Terrorism. The talking points that Saddam Hussein was involved the 911 attacks, and that we found Weapons of Mass-Destruction has made its way into the publics consciousness. A large number of the American public believe this two statements to be facts. Most of them fall on one side of the political divide.

I do want to be fair here and not just pick on one side. The other side can be just as ill informed as their counterparts are. You will find those that believe vaccines are causing Autism (something that has been disproved by multiple scientific experiments) and that all corporations and pharmaceutical companies are evil.

Like I said, I try to have the facts before I get into any political or religious conversation. If I do not have them I will not engage someone with opposing views. I would not want to hurt the side I support.

I will close with this, it’s not the people I don’t agree with on a regular basis that make me the angriest. It’s the people who I tend to side with the most that will get my blood boiling. I don’t know why it is, but when they start spouting off nonsense I get enraged. When they make arguments that they cannot support with any facts, or that go against the facts, that’s when I just want to shoot somebody. And I am not a violent, but they drive me to those type of desires.

Maybe it is because I expect better from them.

David Tennant Fanboys/girls. To the people who know, it is no secret the my favorite show on television is Doctor Who. I first discovered the show when I was a teenager in the 1990s. My father had spent a few years over in Germany when he was in the Army. That was where he first saw the show. So when he discovered that the local PBS station was showing Doctor Who on Saturday nights he started watching it.

I was in high school at the time so that meant I wasn’t home very often on a Saturday night. But there was one Saturday night I did find myself at home and I happen to walk into the living room and sat down to watch tv. That was when I first saw Doctor Who. If I remember correctly it was a Third Doctor episode, I believe part the serial where he made his first appearance. I didn’t know what exactly I was watching, but I did know I would give it another try. The next time I saw the show was a few months later, and it featured the 4th Doctor. From that point on I was hooked on the show, watching it whenever I could get the chance.

A couple years later the local PBS station replaced Doctor Who with episodes of the British Comedy Red Dwarf. A show that I did enjoy, but had no time to watch because I was working most Saturday nights. So it mattered little if Doctor Who or Red Dwarf was on, I wasn’t watching either of them.

So what’s with the back story, what does it have to do with my dislike of David Tennant fanboys/girls? I just want to let you know how I come about the show and how much of the shows history I know. I have seen every episode that is known to currently exist. Do to my having been born 12 years after the show first aired, and BBC having destroyed a large number of the original episodes, there are some I never got to see.

The same can not be said of David Tennant fans. Most, if not all of them started watching the show after David took over the role. They knew none of the history of the show, they also didn’t get the main theme of the show, that everything, including the Doctor, changes. The David Tennant fans thought this was like any other show, but it is not. Doctor Who is different, is special, because the main character is not played continuously by the same actor. The Doctor is always growing, always changing, something that is allowed to happen because a new actor is taking the role and making it his own.

The David Tennant fabs didn’t like this, they whined, bitched and complained as soon as it was announced that David had decided to leave the show. There was never any long term plan for Tennant to remain the Doctor. An average run for an actor in the role of the Doctor is about 3 to 5 years. He had done his time as the Doctor and he knew it was time to go. But the fanboys/girls just won’t let go.

It’s fine to have a favorite Doctor, mine is the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker. But at some point you have to let the new guy come in and make the role his own. You can’t throw a fit because he is not the guy you like. if that is the case you are not a fan of Doctor Who. You are a fan of the actor who played the Doctor.

I could have made this about how much I hated Rose Tyler, but  my blood pressure would have shot up so high that my head would burst free from my shoulders.






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