31 Day Challenge: Day 6

By: Wlliam G. Muir

I have to admit I am a little bit lost when it comes to today’s challenge, it’s kind of vague. All it says is your 5 senses right now. I am suppose to write  about what I am touching, smelling, tasting, hearing, and seeing at the moment? Is this about my five physical sense? Or is another definition that I am not getting, is there some kind of New Agey sense that I am  not aware of?

What if I am not currently using all my sense at the moment, what am I suppose to do then? Do I sit here and admit that I have no current use for my sense of taste, or that I have a runny nose and that I can’t smell anything? Should i use  my talents as a writer to make something up, just as I did with the runny nose thing?

What I do know is that I will try to finish the challenge the best I can. 

Taste: At the moment I am not tasting anything, because I do not currently have anything in my mouth. But that doesn’t mean I am not thinking about sinking my teeth into a piece of fried chicken that is sitting in a box in the fridge. Today we were celebrating my niece turning 10 years old and we had fried chicken for supper. Now I am thinking about heading into the kitchen and getting me a couple pieces of that left over chicken. I just love cold fried chicken.

Touch: From the way I have heard talk, I get a feeling that most people think that you can only touch things with your hands. This is just not true. Your skin is full of sensory receptors that allows you to experience the world through the sensation of touch. That is what is allowing me to sit here right now and feel air from a fan hitting my body. The recirculated air that is being blown onto me is causing a cool effect.  

Hearing: Currently I am listening to The Conspiracy Skeptic podcast. The episode I am listening to right now features a Swedish man speaking about a conspiracy I have never heard before. This little known conspiracy involves a man (who I think is from Germany, or somewhere from Europe) who says that the nuclear attacks on two Japanese cities never occurred, and that there is no way anyone could ever build a nuclear bomb. A very odd show indeed. 

Smell: All I can say about this is I am breathing in the air that is currently in the room and I am smelling everyday ordinary odors. So ordinary that they are difficult to describe.  

Seeing: What I am currently looking at is the computer screen as I am typing away at this blog post. I watch as the cursor keeps moving one space to the right each time I hit a key. Every time the cursor moves one space over it leaves behind the letter that corresponds to the key I just hit. Which in this case is the letter s. As soon as I finish writing this sentence I will be rereading this post and then hitting the publish button. 


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