31 Day Challenge: Day 5

By William G. Muir

I am coming to believe this challenge was not made for someone like me. I do believe whoever came up with this challenge had different demographic in mind. I might have realized that if I had taken the time to read each item on the list before I decide to take part. But what is done is done and there is no going back on it. So let’s solider on. 

I say I don’t think this challenge is meant for me because of a few of the items on this list. Today’s challenge happens to be one of them. Going by today’s challenge, 10 songs you love right now, makes me think this was meant for someone younger. The right now part makes me think it is for a younger person because I am at an age where I have stopped listening to new music. I have become my parents in that regard.

As long as I can remember my parents have listened to older music (of course when I younger say five or six that music would have been new). But as I got older their musical taste stayed the same. As I was listening to what was new and hip, they were listening to classic rock (Which at the time was from the 50, 60 and 70, we now refer to stuff from 50s and 60s as golden oldies.) I always thought to myself that I would never be like them. I was going to continue to listen to new music on the radio no matter what.

The thing is I got older. The music I grew up listening began to take on new meaning, it had become nostalgic. Music, unlike most of the things in our lives, has a unique ability. With just a few notes it can bring rushing forth memories from so long ago. You will always remember that first slow song you danced to (Never Say Goodbye) or the song that always brings to mind that one girl you never could bring yourself to ask out (Heaven). Forever Young and Magic Carpet Ride will always remind me of getting ready for a football game on Friday night. As will Milk (Ode to Billy) and Startin’ Up A Posse will remind me of summer conditioning. 

Music has changed so much since the days when I was listening to it with new ears. As I have gotten older I find I no longer connect to what it is today’s artist are saying. It is not my world any more, at least not when it comes to music. The last time I listened to new music on the radio was in the earlier 2000s. Now when I can be bothered even to listen to the radio I am either listening to BBC Radio 4 Extra, NPR or some sports program. All things you can now get streaming over the Internet. I no longer even own a proper radio. 

Now a days if I am listening to anything, it is podcast. If you want to know some of the podcast that I listen to all you have to do is look through my archives. There you will find reviews of shows that I listen to in a series called Casting An Eye At The Pods

But enough prattling on, here are the 10 Songs That I Love Right Now.

White And Nerdy – ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic


Basket Case – Green Day


Backwater – Meat Puppets


She Talks To Angels – Black Crowes


Mr. Jones – Counting Crows


Self-Esteem – The Offspring


Hey Jealousy – Gin Blossoms


Name – Goo Goo Dolls


Jump – Van Halen


Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd 



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