Doctor Who A Show Review: Cold War

By: William G. Muir

It is as if I am outside myself. I can feel the icy air slam against my body, but when I look down I see I have no corporeal form. It is as if I am only a thought, a manifestation of pure energy. I wish I did have a body so I could use my hands to pull the lapel of coat closed. I do not wish to freeze to death.

I am soaring high in the sky, gray clouds spread out above me as far as my eyes can see. No sunshine to warm my nonexistent body, no blue sky to lift my soul. Below me a field blue, no an ocean of blue rushes beneath me. I fly among the white mountains of ices. Are these icebergs responsible for the chill I feel.

Suddenly the I am falling from the sky as the surface of the oceans speeds towards what would have been my face. I slam into the freezing liquid, as I crash through the membrane that separates horizon of the ocean blue from the hazy, forever winter, cloud full skies.

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Casting An Eye At The Pods: Hardcore History

By: William G. Muir

Before I get started there is something I need to say. I have no idea what I am doing. I don’t know how to do a review.  Am I suppose to sit here and give you a play by play on what it is I am reviewing. Or am I suppose to sit here and tell you if the thing I am reviewing was any good, or was it god awful? Am I  suppose to tell you if I enjoyed it or not. Or am I suppose to a combination of those things.

I just don’t know!

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Image– Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

By: William G. Muir
I guess you could label me as a contrarian. As soon as words come out of someone else mouth I automatically take the opposite position. Even if it is on a point of view that I might agree with. Call it skepticism, call it playing devil’s advocate, call it being a hypocrite. Call it whatever you like, that is just how I look at the world.   

Having said that, what really gets under my skin is when some advises people that they should chose their own path. While I don’t disagree with this sentiment, I do take issue with the tone that it is often delivered in. The attitude of the people who usually going around saying this kind of stuff is one of you are just to stupid to realize this yourself, so I need to point it out to you.  

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The Rehan Federation

ImageBy: William G. Muir

Once James accepted that he had no choice but to burn the books, the question became which to burn first. He held in his hand the last sherd of humanity left in this God forsaken land. Centuries of warfare had taken their toll on the people of Shanrian. Once the envy of the Empire, Shanrian was now a cesspool. The Rehan Federation had seen to that.

It was thought that war had been left behind when the peoples of Earth had set out among the stars. Their home planet had been scared by the ravages of Nuclear warfare. The exact cause had been lost shortly after the first warheads had obliterated the major population centers. No one knows who launched the first missile, but the all out brigade that follow nearly turned the Earth into a second sun, Those that survived had no choice but to seek a new home among the stars.