The Death of Our Love Affair With the Road.

In the near future the self-driving car will be the only thing you will be able to find on the showroom of new car dealership. For myself and all those car enthusiast this will kill the very reason we fell in love the automobile in the first place, the joy of driving. You have never truly known what it feels like to drive until you have sitten behind the wheel of a Chevy big block, pressed down on the accelerator and felt the power involved in propelling nearly two tons of metal from a resting resting position. The raw emotion that comes with the understanding that you are the one in control of this metal behemoth as you go roaring down the highway at 70 mph cannot be matched by being chauffeured by a computer that is programmed to find the safest route possible.

For those of us that love and appropriate classic automobiles the cars that were built before the gasoline shortage of the late 70s represent a sense of freedom. It was a time when the average Joe with a socket set and repair manual could spend a Saturday afternoon underneath the hood of his/her car and fix the problem themselves. An open car hood was an invitation for ones neighbors to drop by and offer their two cents on what the problem most likely was. A grease spot on a driveway use to mean that the owner of this car changed their own oil, today it means the car needs to go the shop because it has leak. Continue reading


Quick Thought: He-Man and Lasers

I heard someone talking about swords earlier and it lead to the following thoughts. It seems like most people I know who like sword, own at least one sword, or are planning on buying a sword someday all like the Japanese Katana. It is also a popular sword in movie. I on the other hand prefer the bulkier European style swords like the longsword, two-handed longsword and the great sword that came from Germanic and Norse tribes. There is a slight disadvantage wielding these behemoths, you can’t use a shield to defend yourself from the sword your enemy is attacking you with. Your only defense is to parry your attackers blows. For some reason at this point I got thinking about He-Man and how he deflected lasers with his sword. As a kid I bought into it, but now as an adult I question it. The best MLB hitters only hit the ball 30 some odd percent of the time. That means every time a baseball player walks up to the plate they are most likely to strikeout. He-Man on the other hand never misses a single laser. This doesn’t make any sense, if anything He-Man should miss every time. The average speed of a major league pitch is just over 90 mph. A laser, which is just a beam of light, travels at the speed of light (299,792,458 metres per second). He-Man should not even be able to see a laser coming at him.

Violent Video Games

Just thinking about violent video games and all the people who blame them for the violence in society. The violence that has been around ever since people decided to stop wandering around and live in small permanent domiciles right next to each other. I realized these people are right, it’s all video games fault. Just look at the massive increase of the family farm that coincided with the popularity of Farmville. So I will no longer be playing video games, there is no way I want to be wearing overall, slopping pigs and tending fields. It was foolish of me to think video games were turning me in couch potato.

Game Over

Robot Me!

future4The other day a friend of mine suggested to me that I start to blog about technology because I know about such things. The reason she says this is because she knows that I have a degree in Computer Electronics. What I failed to inform her about is I only have an Associate degree in that field and that since I earned that degree back in 2007 I have yet to work in the field. I didn’t bring it up because neither one of those facts would disqualify me from writing, as a layman, on such issues. After all there are plenty of enough people who write about things they are not qualified to write about. Besides she is a pretty smart cookie and I should probably follow her suggestion, what could it hurt? 

This is going to be my first post in this venture and is just going to be about something that is on my mind. I have an article that I plan on responding to, but I want to lay some ground work before I do that. I’m not a gadget head, you know the kind of person who has a laptop or two, a desktop computer Continue reading

A Thought on Social Cohesion

We recently celebrated Dr. King’s birthday this week. As I look at this country I can’t help but feeling nobody actually has any idea what he had to say. Sure everybody posted his quotes to social media this past Monday and patted themselves on the back because they imaged that they did their part in furthering acceptance for all people no matter what they look like, who they love or what they believe. I see them as nothing but hypocrites, they smile and say they are for equality for all however they practice dividing our nation into smaller and smaller units who they set against each other. It is not their supposed boogeymen that are waging class and cultural warfare, but they themselves, the self-professed defenders of the downtrodden that are ripping this country apart at the seams.

Something That Pissed Me Off!

By: William G. Muir

Just something I posted on my Facebook page. 

So there this letter making its way around Facebook the past few days. I am not going to link to it because I have no desire to have something that hateful anywhere near my account. The fact that I sat through and read the whole thing is enough to just piss me the fuck off.

Now I generally shy away from commenting on the kind of things that trend here on Fscebook for one reason, a majority of them tend to scams. I like to see what has to say on subject before I even waste my time on it. Unfortunately thinks this letter may be genuine, if that is the case this is a sad case.

Actually it is more than a sad case, it is a fucked…no it way beyond fucked up.

How can anybody be that damn heartless? The individual who not only wrote, but then had nerve to send that letter is beyond cruel. I don’t even know if there is such a word to describe this whole situation. At least there is no word that I will accept for how dehumanizing this letter was.

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